Secure your transactions

Real time, automated verification that enables instant delivery

Unlock all of your limits.
Scale with ease with full machine automation and 100% protection.

Relying on rules and manual reviews reduces your ability to scale on demand, increases your rejection rates without any ensured protection against fraud. With CashShield, you can rethink your fraud management by tapping on our intelligent real-time machine learning.

Scale on demand

CashShield is the only solution in the world that has zero reliance on data scientists and fraud analysts, allowing you to scale up or down with ease, especially for ad-hoc sales periods.

Take control of your fraud

Discard reliance on PSP filters, 3DS or hard rules that increase rejection rates and limit revenue potential. Accurately block fraudsters without blocking genuine users with CashShield’s behavioral analysis.

Real time protection

With real time decisions backed with 100% Chargeback Protection for both digital and physical goods, you can focus on your core business without worries.

We keep it simple for you. No self-configured risk template, no manual reviews. Receive fully automated optimized decisions and save more time and effort for your core business.


Customer checks out and makes payment with no unnecessary additional verification, choosing any e-wallet or acquirer as desired.


Within milliseconds, the CashShield fraud engine detects customer behavior in real-time to filter away fraudulent activity.


Our unique decisioning algorithm returns an optimized decision: accept or reject. All approved transactions are covered under our 100% Chargeback Protection.

Enjoy the full suite of benefits with CashShield’s real time fraud management solution.

100% Chargeback Protection

CashShield provides an unprecedented 100% chargeback protection for both physical and digital goods merchants since 2008. We protect your interests and bear responsibility for every one of our decisions.

Revenue optimized decisions

CashShield’s optimized decisions based on financial algorithms is designed to maximize the merchant’s revenue potential, with increased acceptance rates while mitigating fraud rates significantly.

Fully automated solution

100% automation means that you can easily scale up operations and save cost with the elimination of manual reviews. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and manual reviewing queues forever.

A.I. optimized solution

Once integrated, CashShield is optimized to boost sales immediately. Without reliance on historical data, the CashShield system requires no training downtime at all.

Proactive prevention mechanisms

CashShield’s proprietary real time machine learning technology uses enhanced preventive mechanisms to proactively predict and counter unknown cyber threats in real time.

Compatible with 3DS & non-3DS

CashShield is the only fraud solution fully optimized and compatible with 3DS and non-3DS. Expand your business with CashShield secured non-3DS transactions.

You want the best for your business. So do we.



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