When Scaling Across Borders
Is No Longer A Luxury

Power your luxury goods delivery with full machine automation

Holland Watch Group

+ 645.53%

Increase in number of transactions


Unique Acceptance Rate

With every chargeback a significant loss to profits,
inefficient fraud management costs more than ever.

Rules as protection

Adding rules and friction as a form of protection only turns away genuine customers, especially high rollers who wish to indulge.

Rigidity to operational scalability

Reliance on manual review teams reduce flexibility in meeting the demands of ad-hoc promotions, limiting your business potential.

Cross border expansion risks

Entering unfamiliar territories, expanding beyond the domestic are all risky ventures without an efficient fraud system.

Discover how CashShield allows you to see clearer and faster, empowering you to deliver without compromise to yourself.

Remove all limits to growth

CashShield removes all unnecessary rules and friction, allowing your genuine customers to shop as they wish, with zero limits and friction.

Enhanced accuracy and efficiency

Using behavioral analysis, CashShield identifies and filters fraudsters accurately, passing genuine customers without friction.

Instant delivery in real time

CashShield’s full machine automated technology eliminates manual reviews, ensuring zero waiting time for your customers.

Scale faster without worries

Armed with the world’s only fully automated system, you can be sure to scale globally effortlessly, with lowered risks.

Real time learning, real time results

Fraud prevention that enables you to scale

Experience how intelligent machine learning and full machine automation can increase your business potential.



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