Here are some of the common questions we get about CashShield.


How long does it take to verify a transaction?

CashShield is able to verify a transaction instantly in real time.

Am I eligible to use CashShield?

Any merchant who accepts orders and payments through a website is eligible, regardless of volume or other factors.

Which countries can CashShield be used for?

CashShield is able to accurately detect and prevent fraud in any country, and we have set in place country-specific tuning of fraud detection parameters.

Is CashShield PCI-compliant for the protection of sensitive customers’ data?

Yes, CashShield is PCI compliant. However, CashShield works with a set of unique variables that does not include credit card numbers, expiry dates, or security codes. As such, our system is not limited to just credit cards.

Do I need to use a specific processor or PSP to enjoy CashShield’s verification?

As a third-party provider, CashShield system can monitor a variety of payment gateways and is able to work with all major online payment gateways and PSPs, and it only requires one single integration to our system.

How can CashShield help if my business is in a low-risk industry?

Using CashShield, your business will be able to optimize revenue growth per chargeback risk, allowing the maximum amount of genuine orders to pass through instead of restricting them.

Your business will also be able to focus on other core competencies instead of worrying about fraud, and save operating costs on your own in-house verification staff.

CashShield fees are calculated based on the risk level for your business/industry. As such, your business will be able to take advantage of our lowest chargeback protection fees.

Can I try out CashShield before I commit?

There is a no-obligation trial available for you to preview CashShield. Please contact us for further details.

Do you use data fields like IP matches, BIN or email address verification?

CashShield uses unlimited data fields. These data fields are a combination of compulsory and optional fields, aimed at providing a flexible framework for mitigating fraud and optimizing order acceptance rates. IP matches, BIN and Email Address Verification are only some of our fields.

I already have 3DS implemented to combat fraud; I don't need 100% Chargeback Protection.

For merchants not willing or are unable to give up 3DS, you can opt to use CashShield Core. CashShield Core is designed for merchants who have fewer issues with fraud/3DS enabled transactions so they can obtain the best result for keeping fraud under control and achieve optimal sales growth at the same time. You can check out more information on CashShield Core here.

Do I need to be PCI DSS compliant to use CashShield?

CashShield works with variables that do not include credit card numbers or other sensitive information, so our merchants and partners do not need to worry about being PCI DSS compliant, and can easily connect to CashShield.

I'm currently using a verification system provided by my bank/Payment Service Provider, but I'd like to give CashShield a go, is that possible?

Yes, CashShield can run along your existing verification system, as long as we have access to the data fields that are required to do the screening. You can easily retrieve these fields from your shopping cart and pass them to CashShield through our API.

Are you geographically restricted?

No. CashShield is designed to be a global solution suitable for any merchant based in any country selling to any region.

What's CashShield security level?

Currently CashShield solution runs at the market’s highest security standards of 256-bit SSL encryption.

I understand the benefits of using CashShield, but I’m still unsure.

We’re happy to show you first hand the tremendous ROI that CashShield provides. Our 100% Chargeback Protection covers any potential losses for you, and we do not charge any setup or hidden fees to use our service, making it really convenient to try out. Contact us to discuss how we can start a no-obligation trial.

Does CashShield work with mobile transactions?

CashShield is equipped to successfully detect, block and insure transactions generated by the online channel and mobile apps.


How long does it take to integrate CashShield with my site?

Your developers’ time is precious, which is why our self-guided API ensures a smooth integration, with most instances of CashShield deployment being completed in 1 working day. Our service standards aim to finish deployment for any merchant within 1-3 working days.

Can I use CashShield without going through the CashShield Merchant Portal?

The CashShield Merchant Portal gives you a broad overview on CashShield’s performance, including live main growth indicators, status and comprehensive information of your transactions. Being a fully managed solution, CashShield will integrate and send all verification results to your e-commerce system directly so no action is required from your side.

Does CashShield work with orders that involve gift-cards, discount coupons, vouchers, subscription services, etc?

CashShield will work with any payment method as long as the unique set of order variables can be provided for reliable verification results. Due to the wide variety of mechanisms and promotion methodology, we advise you to check with your CashShield account manager to verify.


What is CashShield’s 100% Chargeback Protection feature?

CashShield’s unique 100% Chargeback Protection feature entirely protects merchants who use CashShield from any chargeback due to fraud. We will insure and pay you for such chargebacks, therefore reducing your monetary risk exposure to fraud to zero entirely.

Does the 100% Chargeback Protection feature also insure for charges such as shipping & handling fees?

Yes, the fees and chargeback protection are calculated on the total payment sum. As such, in any case of a chargeback due to fraud, you will be reimbursed fully for your loss. Our coverage also includes the PayPal/credit card investigation fee charged per transaction when a chargeback occurs.

How soon is the payment reimbursed to a merchant in the event of a chargeback claim?

Approval for reimbursement will take a maximum of 14 working days. The reimbursement will then be conducted with the next scheduled billing invoice.

How does the reimbursement work?

The chargeback loss will be deducted from the following month’s invoice after we have received notification from you that a chargeback has occurred.

Does CashShield cover all chargebacks?

CashShield covers all unauthorized fraudulent transactions that generate a net loss to you from orders approved by our system.

Does CashShield's 100% Chargeback Protection cover all costs?

Yes. In case of a fraudulent chargeback happening, you will be reimbursed for your full loss, including shipping and handling fees.

We've had some serious chargeback in the past, are you sure you can cover my losses should that happen again?

In 2008 CashShield was the first solution to offer 100% chargeback protection for digital and physical products, and we have successfully built up a strong portfolio in the highest risk sectors, where fraud hits the strongest and merchants suffer sky-high chargeback rates, without compromising our merchants’ and our own financial position.

Can I use CashShield protection as insurance on top of PayPal's Digital Seller Protection?

PayPal is a Payment Service Provider (PSP), thus the verification it provides is not as specialized as CashShield’s. PayPal’s Digital Seller Protection coverage varies depending on the region. The insurance given by PayPal’s Digital Seller Protection is simply not enough to keep your business safe from coordinated attacks, and the refund policy is limited.


How much does it cost to use CashShield?

Costs vary from merchant to merchant depending on the products’ risk level. An accurate quotation will be given to you after profiling your business. Please contact us for more info or take a look at our pricing section where our indicative fees are specified.

Is there a fee involved for upgrades of CashShield?

As long as you have an existing contract, you will be able receive the features and benefits of new CashShield versions free-of-charge.

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