How SEA Gamer Mall overcame their
fraud woes and seized opportunities
for growth


Increased Revenue (in 24 months)


Unique Acceptance Rate


Increased transaction volume (in first 3 months)

Fastest Growing Gaming Services Platform in Southeast Asia

SEA Gamer Mall is an online digital trading and services platform for gamers, game developers and publishers. Since inception in 2007, it has aggressively penetrated the Southeast Asian market and has most of its revenue coming from the US, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Stagnated growth due to fears of fraud

Much of SEA Gamer Mall’s revenue came from the sale of digital gaming goods such as game cards, gift cards and mobile reloads. Unfortunately, these digital goods are easily resold in the black market by fraudsters who purchase the digital codes with stolen credit cards. As a result, SEA Gamer Mall suffered from frequent coordinated fraud attacks and high chargeback rates.

Confronted with such high risks, SEA Gamer Mall took a risk averse approach towards accepting transactions. Borderline risky transactions were often rejected, resulting in lowered acceptance rates. They were also cautious about entering new markets and launching new product offerings, which may add on to their pre-existing risks. 

Fraud was a major source of concern for SEA Gamer Mall, and it impeded their growth, causing it to plateau. They needed a solution that could address their fraud woes while allowing them to aggressively pursue growth.

Conquering markets with a peace of mind

CashShield’s proficiency in blocking coordinated fraud attacks gave SEA Gamer Mall confidence to start market expansion and promotion. On top of this, CashShield’s 100% Chargeback Protection gave them full assurance to focus on growing their business and revenues, leaving their fraud woes behind.

By adopting CashShield’s fully automated solution, SEA Gamer Mall was able to make instant, informed decisions in real time. This was essential in a time-sensitive industry where users expect immediate fulfillment upon purchase. A streamlined fraud management process also facilitated improved user experience. 

Eventually, SEA Gamer Mall had successfully overcome stagnation by gaining market share, achieving strong and sustainable growth.


SEA Gamer Mall successfully integrated CashShield as a solution swiftly within 3 days effortlessly. Since then, SEA Gamer Mall was able to grow their transaction volumes by 47% within the first quarter and their revenue by 132% within 24 months, all while maintaining a healthy chargeback rate.

Frictionless fraud management also allowed for unique acceptance rates as high as 96%, despite the higher risks of digital goods.

“CashShield has made a significant impact to SEAGM.
Technical integration was a breeze, we have since drastically reduced charge-back fraud and its related costs and boosted our revenues and acceptance rates. We are very happy with the results.
CashShield has our highest commendations.”

SEA Gamer Mall



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