Prepaid Phone Services Provider Case Study
About the online merchant

This merchant, a developer of an innovative platform for any kind of prepaid phone services with over 5 million transactions executed, ensures fast and secure online top-up phone services. Given the high transferability of the merchant’s products, an illegal market has flourished specializing in reselling those products, causing high losses to merchant due to fraudulent transactions.

The Challenge

Due to the frequent coordinated fraud attacks, the merchant needed to close down PayPal, a popular payment method amongst merchant’s international customers. Merchant’s internal fraud protection was unable to effectively react against these attacks. As a result, manual review became mandatory, creating long waiting times for end-consumers and hampering the transaction volume (less than 200 daily). The challenge lay in finding a solution that focuses on acceptance rate as much as on reducing chargeback risk.

The Solution: CashShield

With its multilayered fraud algorithm performing over 250 automated verification tests, CashShield analyzes all incoming orders in real time and delivers within seconds a reliable decision on the risk of fraud. CashShield is specifically designed to analyze both the positive and negative attributes of an order so the risk decision reduces chargeback risk and increases the order acceptance rate. Besides, CashShield provides 100% Chargeback Protection, ensuring all costs are covered should an order approved by CashShield turn to be fraudulent. This guarantees that merchants’ risks are reduced to zero.

The Results


Increased Order Acceptance rate in one month


Chargeback Protection

Automated transactions daily

Instant Increase of Order Acceptance Rate

One month after implementing CashShield, the merchant’s order acceptance rate increased by 25%. This considerable increase in such a short period of time means that the merchant instantly felt the positive effect of CashShield’s verification.

Coordinated Fraud Attacks Deterred

CashShield successfully blocked several coordinated fraud attacks, targeting the restored PayPal channel. Merchant was 100% insured by CashShield’s 100% Chargeback Protection, so these attempts did not affect business.

Sustainable Business Growth

The increment of the order acceptance rate after CashShield integration also led to an enormous increase of the general turnover of transactions made through PayPal, which would have been rejected by a less sophisticated and comprehensive solution.

Be protected against any kind of online fraud

CashShield helps you to optimize your risk per chargeback,
increase your order acceptance rate and accelerate revenue growth.