Online Gaming Industry Case Study

About the online merchant

A leading micropayment solution for online gaming faces constant and coordinated fraud attacks against their PayPal transactions. The nature of the merchant’s products attracts fraudsters since their high liquidity makes it possible for fraudsters to sell the products at the same value shortly after the attack.

The Challenge

In an attempt to stop fraud, the merchant requires first-time customers to complete passport and ID verification, and sets purchasing limits (in amount spent and frequency of purchases) for both verified and non-verified customers. However, the restrictions set do not avoid fraud attacks totally. What’s even worse: they avoid genuine customers from making frequent, big-ticket purchases. The challenge relies in finding a fraud verification system that protects effectively against attacks and increases revenue growth for all customers at the same time.

The Solution: CashShield

Merchant integrates CashShield to screen PayPal transactions in real-time with the objective of diverting fraudsters from the website and increasing the number of genuine transactions. More importantly, CashShield’s strong expertise allows to remove unnecessary purchasing limits so merchant can accept all first-time and recurrent clients with no additional verification, thus increasing sales and unburdening its employees from executing manual verification.

The Results


Reduced chargeback rate


Increased acceptance rate


Increased unique acceptance rate

Reduced Chargeback Rates

Within the first month of implementation, CashShield reduced the chargeback rate by 500% for the merchant despite the removal of mandatory passport verifications.

Increased Acceptance Rate

With unncessary buying limits removed, CashShield also helped the merchant to increase their acceptance rate by 285%. From that month on, the merchant’s acceptance rate increased at a steady rate of 12% monthly.

Sustainable Business Growth

Most importantly, the merchant’s volume of unrestricted first-time purchases reaches US$100,000 in just four months, giving the merchant confidence to explore any untapped potential within markets that were considered too risky before the introduction of CashShield.


CashShield helps you to optimize your risk per chargeback,
increase your order acceptance rate and accelerate revenue growth.