Software Engineer (Distributed Systems)

Key Responsibilities

  • Design a TLS/HTTP proxy that ensure fast and secure connection from eyeball to edge
  • Filter malicious data traffic and manage good data traffic from end user to clients
  • Design a reserve proxy system that caches client website content
  • Optimise connections between CashShield and our clients’ servers to reduce their load and improve performance
  • Enhance the technical performance of content served from client sites


  • Minimum Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineer or related fields
  • Expert in distributed systems design and architecture with experience in system performance and scaling
  • Expert at writing scalable, production-ready code
  • Experience in continuous integration and delivery and using source control
  • Passionate in innovating, learning new skills and technology
  • Proficient in setting monitoring tools and crisis management for recovery
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work independently and in a team
  • Ability to adapt and work in a fast pace environment
  • Comfortable working on frontend and backend tasks is a plus

For interested applicants, do send in your cover letter and resume to now!



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