Looking back upon the time that I spent at CashShield, it amazes me how much I have grown. Joining the team last December as a fresh undergraduate from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), I came in with high expectations, eager to get my professional career off to the best possible start. Four months later, I am proud to walk out of the doors of our office with my head held high; wiser, more experienced, and better set to tackle the challenges ahead of me.

What struck me the most about working at CashShield was the multi-faceted nature of my job. While officially a Corporate Strategy Analyst, I was constantly challenged to develop myself in other domains. For instance, I hosted a seminar for undergraduates at the Singapore Management University (SMU) Eagles Society, sharing my experience with business valuation. I also had the opportunity to go to Hong Kong and Shanghai on a business development trip in February. From converting our corporate decks into Mandarin to prospecting for clients before the trip, I was privileged to take on a greater role in the planning of the trip. At CashShield, the door was always open to new experiences, and I appreciated that my work had an immediate and direct impact to the company.

Of course, just as how it is the people who make a house a home, it was the people and the culture at CashShield that allowed me to grow. At work, I appreciated the open communication and the valuable exchange of ideas within our team. Coming into the company with a finance background, there was a steep learning curve ahead of me in my first few months, but the open culture meant that there was never a problem asking for help. Outside of the office, the work-life balance meant that we were always fresh for the challenges ahead. I never had a case of the Monday blues, for I not only enjoyed the work that I did, but the company too! 

The past four months with CashShield has been nothing short of amazing with the friendships I have forged and the things that I have learnt. You always learn the most when placed in a growth-stage company, putting on many hats and managing the expectations of our stakeholders. The CashShield internship experience will always be kept close to my heart, and I will definitely take away all the important lessons that run the gamut from learning the intricacies of running a business to thrashing my colleagues on FIFA.

What’s Next for Seng Yew…

I will be joining the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as an Associate in the Capital Market Intermediaries department.