It has been a challenging yet fulfilling six months in Singapore, and as my time here comes to an end,  I thought that it would be timely to take a look back at the lessons that I have learnt here.

All good things begin with a decision to try, and about six months ago, I took the opportunity presented by my University, Drexel, to pursue an internship in Singapore with CashShield. It would have been easy for me to stay in the United States, but you only live once, as they say, and the chance to live and work overseas as a truly global citizen was one that was too good to miss.

The opportunity to be in such a fast-paced growth stage company appealed to me, and my position as a Tech Analyst challenged me to be independent and detail-oriented in order to fully optimise the CashShield system. This professional challenge was not an easy one, as the standard of work at CashShield was high. However, I was lucky to have the support of the team. I never felt alone in my work, and despite this being my first internship, I was never afraid to ask questions or to seek help.

Beyond the office, the support from the team was also valuable in allowing me to make the most out of my experience in Singapore. The moment I stepped into the CashShield office, I was welcome with open arms. From giving me food recommendations to helping me adjust to Singlish, the team was always forthcoming with helping me settle into life in a foreign place.

Thanks to the fast growth of CashShield, I also had the chance to see things I would never have been able to anywhere else. When we won the award for the Most Innovative Product at the National Infocomm Awards last year, I had the chance to attend the award ceremony, allowing me to expand from my tech background to see the business side of things as well. Of course, I had to have some time for myself, and I took advantage of the great work-life balance we were encouraged to maintain to spend many hours in the gym, and on a plane to somewhere.

As I look back upon my six months here, I am proud to have no regrets. I have been challenged to improve myself both professionally and personally, and everyday presented a chance to do better than the day before. I am reminded of the advice that I was given at the start, that all good things begin with with a decision to try, and I count myself blessed that through blind luck or good fortune, I have found a home far away from home.

What’s Next for Anthony…

I will be heading back to school, continuing my degree at Drexel University in Philadelphia!