Secure your accounts

Intricately designed to prevent account abuses

Protect your users, protect yourself.
Prevent hostile account takeovers without layers of unnecessary verification.

Manual reviews, 2FA or multi-step verification adds unnecessary friction that turn away your users without real protection; on average, only 70% of one-time passwords delivered are used.  Rethink your accounts protection with CashShield’s intelligent machine automated fraud screening technology.

Frictionless fraud management

Rather than rely on additional authentication, CashShield uses behavioral analysis to identify and differentiate between fraudsters and genuine users from their unique profiles.

Scale with ease

CashShield’s full machine automated solution allows flexible scalability during special promotions, allowing you to increase your user base safely without the downside of fraud.

Minimize fraud and chargebacks

Prevent fraud and chargeback costs through illegitimate account takeovers or new account fraud by stopping it even before it begins. Ensure 24/7 real time protection for you and your customers.

Designed to help businesses balance effective fraud defenses and a seamless user experience, Vanguard prevents account takeover and promo abuse from accessing legitimate users’ accounts with minimal interruption to the login process.


Customer logins or creates a new account to the merchant’s webpage or mobile application.


Within milliseconds, CashShield Vanguard’s engine collects behavioral data and analyzes it to verify if it is a legitimate user.


The login attempt will be automatically passed or rejected without the need for additional verification.

Enjoy the full suite of benefits with CashShield’s real time fraud management solution.

Intelligent authentication

Create a seamless user experience by reducing login or account creation friction for genuine users, to increase conversion rates for maximum growth.

Real time, instant decisions

With CashShield’s fully automated solution, you can eliminate the need for manual reviews to easily scale up operations without the added cost.

Proactive prevention mechanisms

CashShield’s proprietary real time machine learning technology uses enhanced preventive mechanisms to proactively predict and counter unknown cyber threats in real time.

A.I. optimized solution

Once integrated, CashShield is optimized to secure accounts immediately. Without reliance on historical data, the CashShield system requires no training downtime at all.

Logins anytime, anywhere

Without hard rules or blanket bans, your users can login from any part of the world at anytime and you can grow your user base all over the world.

Speedy integration

We waste no time in helping you get started. Easily integrate CashShield within a day and secure every account in your database immediately.

Stop fraud in its tracks, at any point of entry.



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