About CashShield

Founded in 2008, CashShield is an established end-to-end fraud management solution that blocks fraudulent activities such as account takeovers, fake accounts creation, fraudulent payments, loyalty fraud and more.

Profiling over 5 billion devices and transactions across the globe annually, CashShield leverages Artificial Intelligence to automate blocking of fraud in real-time, enabling our clients to stay ahead of fraud attacks.

We have established ourselves as a brand that is trusted by leading enterprises and governments worldwide. Our expertise spread across industries such as E-Wallet, Super App, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Digital Goods, Mobile Recharge, Travel, Luxury amongst other.

Boasting an impressive international client portfolio, leading players including Alibaba (China), OVO (Indonesia), Grab (Southeast Asia), Razer (USA), Scalefast (USA), and Spring Airlines (China) have partnered with us to compete and scale without risk.

At CashShield, we want to make fraud management as seamless and effective as possible for our clients. Our clients can easily access an entire suite of products that protect them from the risk of fake accounts, account takeovers, promotion abuse, AML, unauthorized transactions and compliance using a single API. Our greatest strength is in providing our clients with a frictionless fraud screening process that drives user experience and revenue growth while eliminating fraud.

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