Our Mission

Technology for Good. A safe digital world for all.

About CashShield

Founded in 2008, CashShield is an online fraud management solution that helps enterprises manage their risk from fraudulent payments and accounts. Uniquely powered by high frequency trading algorithms, real-time pattern recognition and passive biometric analytics, CashShield functions without the need for any data scientists and is the world’s first and only full-machine automated solution.

CashShield is also proud to be the first in the world to provide an unprecedented 100% Chargeback Protection since inception and will continue to be committed to providing comprehensive protection for businesses. At CashShield, we believe in growing with our merchants as we each do what we do best in.

Our Investors

GGV Capital
Heliconia Capital

Tony Fadell

Stream Global

Meet the Team

Jenny Lee

GGV Capital
Board of Directors

Kheng Nam Lee

GGV Capital

Tao Zhang


Justin Lie

CEO and Founder

Denise Peng


Irene Brime

MD CashShield Europe, Co-Founder

Khin Kai Loke


Shulei Yang

Head of R&D

Winnie Yap

Financial Controller

Alina Hoon

Stakeholder Engagement

Lynn Li

Head of Sales, China

Brad Dixon

Vice President of Sales, USA

Emma Lee

Regional Marketing

Jake Ooi

Regional Manager, East Asia

Neil Govender

Enterprise Risk Manager

Ghimhwee Tan

Strategy & Growth

Derrick Chin

Business Strategy & Operations

Tam Pham

Business Strategy & Operations

Elissa Junarso

Business Development (SEA)

Karen Tungka

Business Development (SEA)

Kevin Onggo

Senior Web Developer

Kevin Wijaya

Implementation Lead

David Tjokro

Software Developer

Fanshi Lin

Software Developer

Li Ching Chan

Senior Accountant

Betty Goh


Weixuan Chen

Risk Management

Joanna Fong

Risk Management

Esmond Chuah

Software Developer

Chiu Yee Pua

HR Manager

Clement Tan