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Setting limits and relying on manual reviews may lower fraud rates, but these methods are costly while hurting sales tremendously. Effective fraud prevention can help you achieve more. CashShield’s fully automated service and unique decisioning algorithm eliminates the need for manual reviews and removes harmful restrictions, boosting customer experience and sales. View visible results within minutes of integration:


Increased Cross Border Sales


Average Business Growth in First 6 Months


Average Order Acceptance Rate

CashShield is the first company in the world to provide a 100% Chargeback Protection for both physical and digital goods merchants since 2008. Any unauthorized transaction undetected by CashShield will be refunded. We bear responsibility for our every decision.


CashShield is the only solution designed for the optimization of your online sales. Our unique blend guarantees transactions that others will reject, helping businesses to push limits to maximize growth potential while reducing rates.

Removes Unnecessary Limits

Without limits, you can improve your customer’s shopping experience for a smoother checkout and expand globally with minimized risks.

Fully Automated Service

100% automation means that you can easily scale up operations and save cost with the elimination of manual reviews. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and manual reviewing queues!

A.I. Optimized Solution

Once integrated, CashShield is optimized to boost sales immediately. No training period required; our algorithm automatically finds your optimal sales per chargeback risk level for higher acceptance rates.

Optimizes 3DS & Non-3DS

CashShield is the only fraud solution fully optimized and compatible with 3DS and non-3DS. Expand your business with CashShield secured non-3DS transactions.

Combat fraud and boost revenue easily with CashShield in just a few clicks.

Integrate CashShield within hours, and boost sales within minutes.

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